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A wonderful Winter Session! "Exploring my World" Art Class.

We had a fantastic time at Bayview Glen PS with the Grade 1-6 students. Over the course of the 6 week lunchtime art program the kids enjoyed "traveling" to different countries and learning about art and culture from around the world.

Our first stop was Japan where we learnt about Children's Day"Kodomo no Hi" and saw some beautiful carp Kites! We were inspired to create our own fish drawings focusing on the different types of lines we can use to create our fish. Once we were happy with our drawings we transferred them to our "printing plates" (in this case styrofoam board) and learned about the different types of printmaking and materials we can use. Our favorite part was pulling the actual prints from our plates after we had finished inking them. We loved the "oohs' and "aaah's" that came from each child as they saw the final product of all their hard work!

Where else do you think we travelled to? Watch the video to find out!

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